Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Silly Digital Easter card

Several years back Stampin' UP! had a fun chocolate Easter bunny stamp that I had some fun with this time of year.  When it was discontinued I sold it and recently wished that I hadn't.  Then I thought I would see if it was available digitally and it was! yea!  So, I made this silly card with it. 

The stamp is actually the one on the left.  I didn't want to see the sky through my bunny, so I needed to color behind him.  This is where that "Free Form tool" comes in handy.  When you open the free form tool, you will get a box.  Position the box over your stamp area, you may need to expand or shrink your box to cover your stamp. 

You can make your brush tool larger or smaller depending on what details you may need.  In this picture I have started filling in the stamped area with a lighter shade of brown. 

Here I have finished covering the whole bunny.  Now I will send this layer back one layer so that the stamp is revealed on top again.

To take the bite out of the ears I added a scallop circle punch and positioned it over the ears.

Then match the punch to the sky and your bunny just had his little ears eaten off. 

A silly card I know.  I remembered making something similar when I had the bunny stamps, so I wanted to try it digitally.   Glad to know I can still use my little chocolate bunny stamp, and that my digital stamp will never retire :)

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