Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Minecraft Birthday

Last year my oldest son David wanted a Minecraft birthday cake and this year my son Zachary wanted one too.  Zachary did a search online and found one that was different than David's, and he wanted to get in on the decorating.  We made the cake the night before and you can maybe make out his t-shirt in the bottom photos, he wanted to match his cake.  he didn't know that the next morning I would have a new sweatshirt that matched it even more!

 There are some fun Minecraft fonts over at

 Here is the sketch.

Here is the kit I used, called Pixel Addict.  If you have kids who love Minecraft, this will really come in handy! You can buy paper packs and elements separately, but I did the whole kit at once for $6.00!   Here is a link

 When I made this page last year, I used individual squares in various shades of green. That was a bit crazy.  The papers from the Pixel Addict made life a whole lot easier this time around!!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Memories Freebies for week Oct. 19 - Oct. 25

Hi everyone!  Here are some freebies from My Memories.  First up is a Halloween Quick page, just add some photos and you are finished!
Click here for this one! 

Next up is another quick page, this one with a nautical theme.
Click here for this one! 

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Download sale ~ Last day!

I just noticed that one of my Favorite digital download sites is having a sale on Halloween Downloads!  Sorry this is short notice, today is actually the last day!  I looked though the downloads and there are some really fun ones, as well as lots of downloads that are very fall looking and not Halloween at all.  I picked up enough to get the Free download!  Fun Stuff!
Check it out here.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dracula Halloween treats

Last Halloween I posted a photo of some Dracula Coffin treat holders.  I have gotten several requests for the link to Stampin' Up! asking me the item number and how to buy it from them.  Unfortunate Stampin' Up! has decided to discontinue all digital products and they have taken down all links and files. 
I made a template to share here.

 Here is a link to my blog post from last year that shows how it is made.


Family Tree Template

 Hello everyone.  I get a lot of requests and questions about this template that I posted a long time ago.  Stampin' Up! used to sell this template, but they no longer do.  I Thought I would share it here because I keep hearing from people who are trying to find it at Stampin' Up! and telling me that my old links to their site don't work   Such a bummer that they have discontinued all digital products.  :(    I heard rummers that they may start selling some of their digital products on sites like My Memories, and I did see their brand under the list of Digital Designers, but so far their section is empty.  So, here is the link until a new one is working from Stampin' Up! 

 Click here for template

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Zachary Selfie

Zachary leaves me some interesting photos on my phone.  When I go to download them from the phone onto my computer I often find these little gems.  I think he is sticking his tongue out at me. That's what I get for losing my phone.

here is the sketch.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mc Teacher Night

Hi everyone.  I have a new page to share today! Yea.  I have been away from the computer lately making 100 party favor bags for an upcoming event and am happy that I have a new page to share finally!!
The elementary school had a fundraiser on Tuesday at McDonald's and of course the kids wanted to go.  It was fun to see the teachers out of the school environment and it gave them a good excuse to have some french fries!  Jillian's Teacher was on duty while we were there, we missed Zachary's teacher, but we did meet Ronald McDonald!

I used papers and stamps from a kit called Zest.  You can find it here.

Here is the sketch that I used.

Super fun kit, so much here that I haven't even scratched the surface.

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