Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Minecraft Birthday

Last year my oldest son David wanted a Minecraft birthday cake and this year my son Zachary wanted one too.  Zachary did a search online and found one that was different than David's, and he wanted to get in on the decorating.  We made the cake the night before and you can maybe make out his t-shirt in the bottom photos, he wanted to match his cake.  he didn't know that the next morning I would have a new sweatshirt that matched it even more!

 There are some fun Minecraft fonts over at

 Here is the sketch.

Here is the kit I used, called Pixel Addict.  If you have kids who love Minecraft, this will really come in handy! You can buy paper packs and elements separately, but I did the whole kit at once for $6.00!   Here is a link

 When I made this page last year, I used individual squares in various shades of green. That was a bit crazy.  The papers from the Pixel Addict made life a whole lot easier this time around!!

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