My Memories Digital Software

Since My Digital Studio is no longer being offered by Stampin' Up!, many MDS users are switching to My Memories Suite (MMS).  My Memories is made by the same company that made MDS for Stampin' Up! and has many of the same features.  In fact is operates just about the same way.  There are a few differences in the functions and it does not offer the Stampin' Up! color pallet :(  but it also has a few features that MDS did not and so all in all I think it is a VERY good system.  I went ahead and purchased the software and downloaded it to my computer, but I still have MDS on my computer.  I am not quite ready to give that up yet :) but I am feeling happy to know that when mds stops working, I have a software with all my beloved downloads already set up and ready to use in seconds.
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 One way around the Stampin' Up! color pallet thing is that if you are using Stampin' Up! papers on your page, you can use the color matching tool to match colors in the paper to your stamps or photo  mats or whatever.  Some have suggested keeping a photo of all the SU colors and RGB codes in your photo file so you have it to match when ever you need it.  You can just add that photo to your page, use the colors on the photo with the color match tool or enter an RGB code, then delete the photo from your page.
 I have a chart that is good for this...

or this one has the codes...

This chart was made by another demo named Bronwyn Eastley at addINKtive designs.

The people at My Memories seem to be very interested in gaining the business of Stampin' Up MDS users, and they have added some of the print products that we have loved, such as printing cards, swatchbooks and even individual page. Previously they only offered photo books and calendars.  They responded to our concerns in a very timely way and have really great tech support.   They also have How To videos.  AND, Stampin' Up! has said that My Memories is going to start selling a selection of Stampin' Up! downloads, so that is really great news and very exciting to me!
I feel a great weight lifted with all the good news from My Memories, I was pretty upset about Stampin' Up!'s decision to discontinue MDS.  I think My Memories is a really good option to keep up with my digital scrapbooking and although the download style they offer is a bit different from what I like, I was able to import all my MDS content to their software in just a few steps, after watching their how to video.  And I have found some fun content online with lots of other content for when I am ready for some new downloads, although I have so much I have that I never used, I think I will be happy for a long time.  And, with the news about Stampin' Up! selling some content through MMS, I think I will be a happy camper!


  1. Thank-you so much for sharing this! Are there any SU! downloads available on MyMemories that you know of yet?

    1. Hi Bee,
      I have been watching and waiting for SU Downloads to appear on the My Memories site but so far there hasn't been any. I decided to start looking into other places for downloads and I have been really happy to find quite a few places and at really good prices. have you switched to MMS entirely now?