Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Scrap-page postcard

Yesterday I showed you some pages that I made with the Finest Simplicity download.  I thought I would also show you a small postcard project that I made to match.  Jillian was invited to go to lunch with some friends to celebrate a birthday and I made the pages to go into my 12 x 12 book.  I also have a small photo album that Jillian keeps in her room with photos that she has gotten from friends as well as these 5 by 7 postcards that I make for her to remember fun events.  She keeps cards in it, or drawings from her friends or herself.  I thought since I was going to print up a postcard for her, I would print one for each of her friends that were there too. 
Here is the back.  It is fun to make these little postcards.  I have made them for the kids in my religious ed class too.   They can put them on their bulletin boards or little scrapbooks.   They are a great price at $1.45 (less if you are getting 10 or more).   Keep them in mind when you send out thank you's to the kids who attend your child's birthday party, or to commemorate a family gathering.

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