Thursday, October 3, 2013


As you may know based on my blog headers, I love the owl punch, both digitally and in real life.  I thought I would show you some I am working on as I create some fall blog headers. What do you think?  Cute?  Last Halloween I did a page with the owls dressed in costumes, copied from Heather Summers blog.  I thought I would dress up my blog owls for Halloween this year too.  I also want to share a tip with you.  When adding a digital owl to your page, add all the little parts, the eyes, the tummy, etc.  Work on them in the size they come up, then group the whole thing together to resize the owl.  The first time I added a digital Owl to my pages, I knew I wanted it to be bigger so I started resizing the pieces.  I had a really hard time getting the parts to look right after that, especially the eye spacing, because they are in pairs and spaced apart.  If you need to make them appear bigger while you work on them, you can use the zoom feature on your page. 
What sort of a costume will your owl wear?

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  1. Love your headers and the scrapbook page is a HOOT! That batman is too cool.