Friday, June 12, 2015

My Memories, It's a keeper!

Hello everyone!  Well I finally decided to just do it.  I bought the My Memories Software.  I am very happy with it and with the company.  Several of my other MDS friends have bought it as well and called the tech support with various questions and they are very easy to work with.  They also seem to answer email questions in a very timely manner.  AND, they really seem to want to cater to us MDS users and make us feel welcome.  My Memories is offering their version 5 software free, and version 6 for $19.99 with a $7 credit towards downloads. I was surprised and pleased that when I checked in at the My Digital site, they are showing how to make the transition easily and add your MDS content to their software so you can keep using the SU downloads you love. Check it out here!    Not sure how long that deal lasts.
Stampin' Up! and My Memories have been working together a bit and My Memories has agreed to add some new Print offerings to their selection, some that we as SU people want, like 4 styles of cards and my beloved Swatch books! YES!  and individual pages so I can print them and pop them into page protectors.  
AND, Stampin' Up! has said that soon My Memories is going to start to carry a selection of Stampin' Up! downloads! YEA!!  very happy
I went ahead and downloaded the software onto my computer.  I played around with it a bit and then migrated all my SU content to the My Memories software.  I kept it on my My Digital Studio software too. I am not ready to completely delete MDS and since it is like second nature to me, I will probably keep making my pages in MDS for quite a while too.  But, getting myself all set up in My Memories was a HUGE load off my back. I now know that if I need it, I have tech support and a supported software to keep me creating.  So happy.  And it was easy.  I also taught myself how to add content from a third party.  I found a couple places to buy downloads that are really great.
The Lilypad has a huge selection of digital content from a large list of designers.
Snap and Click has a huge selection as well, and the prices seem really nice too.
Designer Digitals has a very large and nice selection as well.  and if you search from brushes or stamps they have really nice ones!! 
My Memories has a series of video tutorials to help you learn all the features but if you use MDS, it will be super easy!
Please feel free to ask me any questions!!
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  1. Glad to hear your happy with My Memories. I was still only beginning to use MDS as we hadn't had it long in the UK. Not sure yet whether I will go down that road as I also have Serif Craft Artist and can import the MDS downloads into that, but there are a lot if bits of MDS that are different and that I like. Meanwhile you might like to check out this site - - they have masses of downloads.

    1. Thanks Sue, I checked out that site and they have really nice digital stamps and collections. I have added it to my blog post.

  2. Hmmmm... gone to the darkside, eh Beth lol? Is there a FB template with the MMS too? Now I'm seriously "waffling" (especially because I'm not yet "wedded" to the MDS program as a whole like many of you were... my learning curve mightn't be "too" bad with MMS. Bad Beth (ROFLOL). P.S. Bad Sue... that particular site has immediately caught my attention because of the stamps and colours etc. much more "my style". Oh gawd... another money pit heehee.

    1. Funny! Yes, I've gone rogue.
      and now that I have started looking at other Non-SU digital content I am worried I will spend and spend on downloads! Luckily I have a lot of digital content from SU that I haven't used, but felt I "had to have" at the time, so this is forcing me to really look at what I have and I am using downloads I owned but never used. A good thing. I did buy a few, but I am going to try and keep myself under control :)