Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Downloads added

Hi all!  Just wanted to let you know that when you next go into your My Digital Studio program there will be a new update!  You may get a message that an update is available, and you can just go ahead and update from there.  If you don't get that message box, click on the help button and scroll down to the "check for updates" button and click that.  This update gives you the new In-Colors! Yea!  The will be added to your color pallet and to your card stock selection! There was also a new template added!  If you click on the "custom" button at your new project options, you will now see a "facebook" option!  This new option will allow you to design custom facebook covers! Fun for all you Facebook users. 

 Click on "Custom"

 Here it is.  No boring facebook covers for you, you will have a one of a kind! 

 There were some fun new downloads added yesterday too! .  Some are more of the Project Life digital downloads and they have some really great colors.  There are some other card downloads as well.  Click here to see the non-Project Life downloads.     To see the new Project Life downloads click here.
I wanted to point out a few things about some of the downloads that you may have missed.  When looking at a download you need to also read the description of what you get.  Sometimes a card is just a card template, other times you get the template and stamps and punches that were used to make the template.  For example, one of the new downloads is a baby announcement.  It is priced at $5.95 and you may think that is a lot for a card template when there are others that are only $1.95 (Baby Bumper shower invite for example).  Look at the descriptions to see what it comes with.  The new Proud Moment announcement comes with the template as well as an 80 piece stamp brush set.  Some cards are the template only.

Take a look at the Little Moments Project Life download.  There is really a lot there.
When you click on the little magnifying glass you get 7 pages!
Look at the description! 76 stamps, 204 cards.  If you saw my post from a few days ago you saw how you can use the cards for larger elements in your pages, like a whole background or a large panel, or use them as journaling boxes.

Look at that cute tooth!  There are some really sweet cards in this download. There are 4 pages of cards!

This is just one of the three photos of stamps in the Little Moments kit!

This is the Happiness Is Project Life download and it uses the new In-Colors! 

Thanks for stopping by!   Any questions please feel free to contact me!! 


  1. Beth, thanks so much for posting this. I was getting an automatic message "Download Finished" and then "Update Installer Couldn't Be Launched", so I then went into my MDS, clicked on "Help" and clicked on the update option and everything went fine from there. Lovin' all the new things!

    1. Glad to be able to help you Wendie, but I have to say I have probably learned more tricks from you!