Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last day of school

I joined in on a virtual crop last night on Facebook and this is one of the pages I made.  I got these photos from my son's teacher.  so cute!  Zachary had a great school year and really enjoyed his class.  It was so thoughtful  of her to take these and send them to all of us!  If you are interested in joining in on the next "virtual crop" let me know and i will get you all set up.  The virtual crop is run by Monika Davis and Cindy Schuster.  They post two challenges with a technique to try.  Joining in on challenges is a great way to get to know your software.  The more you use it the easier it will become.  You will get to know all the tricks, get to know what images you have and how to find them in your library.  This is a win-win because you will also make cute projects.  They can be cards or pages. And, while I am on the subject, you should also do my MDS Monday challenges :)  Hope to see you at one of these sites!  Let me know if you want an invite to the Facebook challenges!

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