Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MDS Monday #69 ~ Card Version!

Hi everyone!  This weeks MDS Monday challenge was just that, a challenge.  For me anyway.  I struggled with getting all the layers just right, but I was super happy that I kept at it because I just love my finished page!  At the bottom of the post Cindy Challenged us to give the sketch a try as a card as well and so I decided to do just that!  Here it is!! What do you think?  Once again I used the Hi There kit for this page, but I added some Balloons from the Patterned Party download. 

The problem with the balloons from the Patterned Party download is that they are see through.  Do you add a stamp only to find it wont work because it has empty spots that show your background?  Well, there is a fix for that.  You can add a freeform brush layer or you can add punches to cover up the areas that show through.

Since the balloons were mostly just ovals I decided to use oval punches.  I sized them on top of the balloon and then sent them back to behind the balloon.

See, problem solved!

Here is the page, in case you missed it!  Head on over to the MDS Monday page and see the samples!  I hope you give the sketch a try too!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both your card and scrapbook page this week Beth. Gorgeous job. Love the colors and all the cute patterns. Very creative!

  2. Both of these are great and like Tami, love the colors and patterns,

  3. Beth, these are so much fun! Your struggle was worth it - the layers are wonderful.