Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Monday again and that means a new challenge at the MDS Monday blog!  Yea!  It's challenge number 21!! There is a sketch and a trick.  I'm not sure what this technique is called, but you add multiple photo boxes to your page, group them together and then fill them with just one photo.   It's best to take a good look at what photo you want to use, then lay out the photo boxes so that they fall onto the main images without chopping something that should not be chopped.  I played around with my photo boxes a few times until I got all my family to be in one frame, and I made sure to bring that frame to the front.  It took a few tries because when you add the photo to the grouped photo boxes, you can't crop them or play around with them.   here is the sketch...

and a quick photo how to...
add your photo boxes.  I think adding a mat helps this technique really stand out, but depending on your subject, it can look pretty with out too.

Hold the shift key down while clicking on each one to highlight them all.  Right click and choose the "group" option. 

Now it will be highlighted like this, so how the box is around all four photo boxes.  When you drag your photo in to the boxes, it will fill in as if its one whole box.

See how the photo is spread across all four boxes? 

Here is one I did with this technique in January.  This time I didn't use the mat function, just used a drop shadow to show that there are three separate boxes.

Head on over to the MDS Monday site to see what the other designers came up with.
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  1. This is awesome - I love all the orange and triangles. Fun font, too!

  2. Fun little triangle embellishments! Where did you climb tanks? I remember climbing them in the Chicago area as a child.