Tuesday, November 13, 2012

recoloring embellishments

Hi everyone!   I was thinking about Santa being back at the mall already and looked up older pictures of the kids with Santa.  Here are Jillian and Zachary last year.   When I finished the page I liked how it turned out, but wished that the trees matched the green background of the photo.  The trees are embellishments, not stamps.  Then, I remembered that we could recolor embellishments now with My Digital Studio 2!  YEA!  So, I used the recolor button, but it just gave me the standard Stampin' Up colors.  I noticed a "more" button at the left, so I clicked that, and happily it gave me a "Picker" option.  I picked some different shades for the photo to recolor the trees and now I as super happy with the end result! 

Here is how it looked before recoloring.  Also cute, but hey, if I can add more steps I'll do it :)    At least that's what the ladies at class say!

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