Friday, November 9, 2012

New Blog Headers!

I made some fun new blog headers last night!  I used the digital owl punch, so cute.  For the first on I used him as is.  I added a cute Santa hat for the season and a candy cane striped shirt.  The little snowflakes complete the scene.

On my paper crafts blog I changed the header too, but I made the owl into a turkey for Thanksgiving.  He took a few more steps. 
First choose the owl punch and apply him to your page. Next, choose the crop tool.  It is on the side bar to the right. 
Next, click on "Crop shape".  This will then bring up your punch shape choices.  I choose the circle punch.

The circle then appears over your owl.  Move the circle around so that it cuts off the ears and expand it all the way to the bottom of the owl.  His feel get a tiny bit cropped but that's OK.  click the OK button and color him a shade of brown.  I choose Chocolate Chip.  Next you need that little thing that hangs off the turkey's beak.  The name is escaping me now, I want to call it a gobbler but I know that's not right.  Waddle maybe?  Anyway, add another owl to your page and select the crop feature.  This time you don't need a shape, just move the crop line to the feet area and highlight one of the feet.  Click OK.  Then color your gobbler (?) and move it over to the correct area on your turkeys face. 
 Rotate the gobbler till you like how it looks, then add your heart shape beak and eyes.  

You should now group all your elements so that you can move them all around as one piece.

Now add your turkey feathers.  In my header I used the Rosette Embellishments, so I thought I would show the blooms this time.  Add your blooms to the page, then crop in half. Do this with as many colors as you like.  You can use the recolor tool to change the colors if you need to. 
Resize some of your blooms so that they layer nicely.  Group them together and add them to your turkey body. 
Wouldn't these make cute table place cards? 

Rosette download item # 131525 $3.95

Bright Blooms download item #130876 $4.95

 Thanks for stopping by!!  One of these days I'll learn to make screen capture videos and you can see the step by step better but I hope this all made sense.  Let me know if you have any questions!

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