Friday, November 16, 2012


One of the new features of MDS2 is that we can make projects in custom sizes.  I wasn't sure exactly what I would use this feature for until I started taking another online class.  I love these classes because even though I feel pretty comfortable with My Digital Studio, I am constantly learning little tips and tricks I never knew.  Here is a link to the class I am taking in case you would like to join in.  It already started but you can join anytime.   Anyway, in this class we were shown how to make these really cute place mats!!  They
are 11 by 17 inches, "Ledger" size.  I made them very quickly and then ran straight to Office Depot to print them out and have them laminated.  You can also send them online to be printed, but there is an Office Depot right down the street about a mile away, so I just went in, and I had a coupon :)
Aren't they cute?  I had two thicknesses of laminate to choose from and I choose the 10 mil thickness.  Very strong but more expensive.  They were $1.18 to print in that size, and the laminate was another $4, so just over $5 each.  If you go with the thinner laminate, it saves you $2.00. 
Fun.  I am so happy with the finished product that I am going to make a few non Holiday ones as well, and one for my baby niece. 
To make a custom size choose "custom" in your start up menu.

Next enter in the size you want to make your project, then click "create project" and the custom sized canvas will appear.
When I was finished I exported the pages to a thumb drive and drove over to Office Depot.  You can go to Staples or Office Max too.  I here Staples is less expensive, but as I mentioned, Office Depot is just down the street so that's where I go.
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