Saturday, August 4, 2012

What are the new features?

Well, MDS2, My Digital Studio version 2 for those unfamilar with "MDS" (GASP!), is here and it is loaded with features.  Here is a list of the upgrades for those of you seeking details. 

1. LAYERS PALETTE: Quickly manipulate and edit project layers

2. EDIT OBJECTS OFF-CANVAS: Rotate, resize, and manipulate items that extend beyond the canvas

3. UNLOCK INDIVIDUAL OBJECTS: Right-click object to unlock

4. CUSTOMIZABLE COLOR PALETTE: Organize colors swatches to create a customized Color Palette

5. WATERMARK OPTION: Change the color to white and opacity to 10% with just one click

6. SUGGESTED COLOR COMBOS: See expertly coordinated color combo ideas in the Color Palette

7. DESIGN IN SPREADS: Design on two pages, side-by-side

8. FULL WRAP COVER: Design photobook front/back covers and spine at the same time

9. CUSTOM CANVAS SIZE: Create a project in any size up to 24" x 24"

10. CROP STAMPS: Show off part of the stamp image and hide the rest

11. CROP EMBELLISHMENTS: Show off part of the embellishment and hide the rest

12. BRUSH TOOL: Create freehand art with different brush sizes and shapes—perfect for line art

13. LINE TOOL: Insert and manipulate lines with curves and custom paths

14. ERASER TOOL: Easily erase freehand brushes

15. VECTOR STAMP BRUSH IMAGES: Resize vector stamp while keeping its image crisp

16. GLOBAL SEARCH: Simultaneously search for all content types

17. FILL PUNCH WITH PHOTO: Easily add a photo to any punch shape

18.FILL PUNCH WITH CARD STOCK: Add card stock (and textured card stock) to punches

19. CUSTOM GROUPS: Save custom created groups to import on other projects

20. ENHANCED PAGE LAYER EDITING: Resize Designer Series Paper on the canvas and maintain pattern

21. SMART OBJECT ALIGNMENT: Align objects with mat consideration

22. CHANGE PUNCH SHAPE: Change punch to another punch shape and maintain filled pattern

23. EDIT OBJECT SHORTCUT KEY: Edit objects with a shortcut: CMD/CTRL+

24. ROUND PAPER CORNERS: Round any corner of Designer Series Paper and card stock

25. ROUND PHOTO CORNERS: Round any corner of a photo

26. PHOTO FILL GROUPED BOXES: Group photo boxes and fill with one photo

27. INTUITIVE iPHOTO INTEGRATION: Access and use photos on a Mac more easily

28. PROJECT SIZE CONVERSION: Easily change any project to a different size

29. RECOLOR EMBELLISHMENTS: Monochromatically change the color of an embellishment

30. RECOLOR DESIGNER SERIES PAPER: Monochromatically change the color of layered Designer Series Paper

31. MIRROR/FLIP GROUPS: Reverse and flip a set of grouped objects

32. MIRROR DESIGNER SERIES PAPER: Mirror and flip backgrounds and layered Designer Series Paper

33. DIGITAL STITCHING: Add stitched line—choose from several stitching styles

34. SUPPLY LIST: View a list of items used on a page

35. SMART GUIDES: Drag guides from the ruler to your project for perfect alignment

36. EXPORT TO PDF: Save your project as a PDF file

37. EXPORT TO PNG: Save your project as a PNG file

38. EXPORT TO SVG: Save your project as an SVG file for use with an e-cutter

39. TEXT IN COLUMNS: Type text in columns

40. TEXT TRACKING: Increase/decrease the horizontal space between letters

41. TEXT SHAPES: Add text to any punch shape

42. TEXT ON A PATH: Add text to any line style to create your own curvy verses

43. MIRROR TEXT: Choose a mirror text option for use on iron-on transfers

44. OPEN FONT TEXT: Enjoy open type font capabilities

45. TEXT JUSTIFICATION: Justify text left, center, right AND top, middle, bottom

46. FONT SEARCH: Find a font by typing the first few letters

47. CHANGE TEXT CASE: Quickly change text to upper or lower-case

48. CHANGE ALL TEXT IN PROJECT: Apply font settings to all text in a project

49. DESIGNER TEMPLATE SELECTION: Browse all designer templates in one location

50. ENHANCED PROFESSIONAL PRINT: Choose and preview all print options within the software

51. ENHANCED SAVE PHOTO LAYOUT: See mats, shadows, and punches in saved photo layouts

52. BACKGROUND PHOTO: Quickly add a photo as a background

53. ADD MULTIPLE ITEMS: Simultaneously add multiple elements from the Design Center

54. CALENDAR EFFECTS: Apply settings to all Design Center calendars in a project

55. CHANGE LAYER OF SELECTED OBJECTS: Move multiple selected objects forward and backward without grouping

56. RECOLOR PHOTO: Monochromatically change the color of a photo

57. STAMP IMAGE COLORING: Add more than one color to a single stamp image

58. EXPORT PROCESS: See all export options on one screen for a simplified experience

59. ENHANCED PHOTO DRAG & DROP: Drag and drop a photo onto a photo box in any layer

60. BATCH PHOTO EFFECTS: Apply photo effects on selected pages

61. DELETE PROJECT PREVIEW: Show project preview before you hit delete

62. USER INTERFACE UPDATE: Enjoy a sleek new look and feel–easy on the eyes

63. DEFAULT BLEED AREA: Use bleed area defaults that are specific to project type

64. ZOOM TOOL SHORTCUTS: Get to the zoom tool with a shortcut

65. SPLATTER TOOL: Add splatters of color in different sizes

Coming Soon: When these features are good to go, we’ll let you know on so you can update your software (Help>Check for Updates).  
66. INTUITIVE PRINT FROM HOME: Print from home more easily

67. QUICK PRINT TEMPLATES: Print from home "quick print" templates

68. CROP PUNCHES: Show off part of the punch and hide the rest

69. CROP ON EXPORT: Save a cropped portion of a project

70. POP-UP INSTRUCTIONS: Get pop-up instructions for specialized templates

71. PAPER RIP OPTION: Create torn edges with Designer Series Paper and card stock

72. ENHANCED THUMBNAILS: Enjoy improved thumbnail images in the Resource Palette preview

73. PHOTO ROTATION: Rotate your photos within the ―Crop Photo‖ tool

74. ARTWORK ORGANIZATION: Customize artwork organization in the Design Center

75. IMPORT FROM OTHER PROJECT: Toggle between projects to import elements onto current project

OVER 75 NEW FEATURES, What else can you find?

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