Friday, August 31, 2012


This is another fun page from Heather's My Digital Studio class.  I have to say it, I love her classes and they really help me to get some pages completed.  The class started Aug 20th, but you get access to the online class blog for 6 months, so you can join anytime.  So worth the money. 
Anyway, on this page she taught us how to create the hexagon background really fast, and how to add the color to the hex punches faster too.   We added 3 or 4 hex punches to the page, arranged them, then turned them into a group.  Once  you have your group you can copy and paste the group as many times as you like. 

Here are my 3 hex punches.

Here they are grouped into one.

Here they are copied and pasted.
Heather adds a page and a how to video each day.  
Hope you like my page!

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