Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am once again taking an online class from Heather Summer.  She is an excellent MDS teacher!  I have done two of her classes already, so this is the third and I can't wait to learn all her tips and tricks.  Here is a link if you would like to try it too.   Class started yesterday and goes for 30 days, but you have access to it for 6 months, so if you can't actually do it each day, not to worry you can finish at your own pace.   This page is from our first lesson on the free form line tool.   There are still some glitches with this tool I've noticed, but Stampin' Up! is working on them and we will get an update to fix them soon.  I was able to get mine to work for this page though :)  I used the free form line tool to add the baseball stitching to the background.  Another trick she showed us was to copy and paste duplicate photo's on top of each other for a action looking effect.  Heather posts how to video's and sample projects each day.  There is also a gallery for us to upload our "homework",  as well as a forum for us to discuss what ever we want to discuss.  Definitely worth the price. 

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