Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Super cute Halloween page totally copied from Heather Summers.  Heather is a super talented Digital designer.  She is starting up a new online class that I just signed up for, can't wait.  See the details here. I had to see for myself how hard the little owls would be, so I gave it a try.  They are actually not bad!  I highly recommend trying one.  The eyes were easy because they are a pair, so you don't have to line them up, and the crop tool makes eyelids and other things a breeze!  And how did Heather make the bones?  No idea because I started the page and just kept going, I suppose I could have emailed and begged for help but I looked closely and I think it is two heart punches connected by a rectangle.  That was tricky, until I zoomed in and tried again.  Once you get the hearts turned 90 degrees in opposite directions, make a punch rectangle by resizing a square and move it to the middle of the hearts.  Then, group all three and re size them really small!  Then copy and paste some more and you have a skeleton costume.  For the Batman, make three owl punches, leave one whole, crop one just a body, then crop a belt.
Click on the owl body, then click the crop button.  In the new window, highlight the area you want to keep.  This picture is for the grey batman suit.

Click on the next owl body and make a smaller cropped area for the belt.

Put the three bodies together and you have a batman suited owl.  Next use the oval punch and the bat punch to make the belt buckle. 

The tree is from "Spooky bingo bits", the bats are from "Wicked Fun".   Wicket Fun is on sale until November 5th!  You get great Halloween papers and some really fun stamps for just $4.96, normally $9.95.  Check out this digital kit, and many others that are 50% off.  Sale ends November 5th! 

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