Friday, February 14, 2014

Super Duper Fast Valentine

I needed just three more Valentine's Day treats at the last minute and so Of course I went straight to the computer and MDS!  My daughter Jillian received a similar Valentine from her Art teacher and so I decided to copy the idea.  I looked in my stamps for "birds" and found one that I thought was cute.  Once I had decide on a stamp I looked for a background paper and that is what guided my birds color.  I just added some text and printed them out.  Can't get any faster than that.  I think from the time I turned on the computer to the time I had them printed and photographed was less than 30 minutes. Yea!
 here is the back!

And here they are all printed out with a candy heart stuck to the front.  YEA! MDS to the Rescue again!

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