Monday, February 17, 2014

MDS Monday #54

Hi everyone!  It's MDS Monday time!  and this time I am actually posting on monday, unlike last week :)  This is a card for MDS Monday # 54!  Can you believe there have been 54 challenges so far?  If you are new to the MDS Monday challenges, you can go back and look at the past challenges and give them a try.  I think sketches and challenges are a great way to start a project.  This week Tara has a card sketch for us.  You can use the sketch to make a scrapbook page as well. This week we are trying to focus on using the Align feature in MDS.  This is really a feature I use all the time.  I use it to line up photo boxes or embellishments, just about anything.  In this case I wanted to be sure my pennants were evenly spaced and the same length.  Once I had them perfect, I clicked on the one at the far right and tilted it a bit.  There are quite a few video tutorials at to help you get to know this great tool. 

Here is the sketch.  Now head on over to the MDS Monday site to see what the rest of the team has come up with. 

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