Monday, May 13, 2013

Card Sketch

MDS Monday has decided to add card sketches every other week, in addition to our scrapbook page sketches.  You still have two weeks to participate in the challenges, but a new one will be posted each week, instead of every other week.  Make sense?  I don't explain things very well, so hopefully you follow me :) 

This is the first card sketch challenge, MDS Monday Challenge 14.  Here is the sketch...

This is a great sketch, you can do so much with it! I did a couple tricky things with my card.  I cropped and recolored the ribbon, and I cropped the stamp. 
Here is how to crop and recolor the ribbon...
 Apply the ribbon to your project, then click the crop button.  You will then get this box.  Click the crop shape button to bring up your punches.
I chose a forked flag shape punch to crop my ribbon with.  click the punch, then apply.
Now my ribbon has this cute cut end.  Next I recolored my ribbon by clicking the Recolor tool.
I chose a blue that matched the school colors.
Yea! Now my ribbon is blue!!
I also cropped my stamp, it originally looked like this...
Click your crop button to bring up the crop box.

Highlight the area you want to keep.
click OK.

Now I have this stamp.  I copied and pasted it 7 more times.  Then I changed the opacity down 10 points each time, so get that faded look as the words go down the card.
Here is the opacity button.
That's it!  You could use the school colors instead of black, or the school name or mascot instead of "congrats".  And if you don't have a stamp you like, just use a text box. 
Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you take part in our challenge!!


  1. You and I were thinking the same thing... grad project. Love your badge with the glimmer paper!

  2. I love this classy looking card! The glimmer paper really makes everything pop.

  3. I agree with Joan, this is a very classy looking card!