Friday, April 12, 2013

Waiting for Santa

So many times I wish I had my camera, but didn't bring it.  Luckily, new phones take pretty good photos these days.  We waited a really long time waiting for Santa, the kids were being goofy and making crazy faces and I snapped lots of pictures with my phone.  Many were blurry and I didn't think of ever using them in a scrapbook page but then someone, I think Kimberly at Simply My Digital Studio on Facebook, mentioned that blurry is OK, its the moment you are remembering, so it doesn't matter.  That made me re-think my pictures.  It was a crazy wait, the kids were crazy, and the pictures make me smile, so why not use them?  So it did.  Here is our crazy wait for Santa.


Page one shows the wait. 

Page two shows the result.  The Santa picture was taken by Santa's helpers at the mall.  Its so nice they offer a disk instead of a printout now!!   So, I hope you snap those crazy moments, even if you forgot your camera.  And I hope you use the photos that make you smile, blurry or not.    Join the Simply My Digital Studio Facebook group, where you will always find something inspiring. 
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