Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pie Graph

My little cutie Jillian is just about always dressed up in a princess costume, or sometimes just a crown or some jewels.  She makes me laugh at how attracted to all things glittery she is.  I thought for sure she would be a tomboy, she has two older brothers and I am not one for pinks or jewelry.  Anyway, I saw some Pie Graph style pages at Simply My Digital Studio, a facebook group I go to, and I decided to give it a try.  It was really fun, and I learned a few things too! 
There are a few ways to do the pie graph.  In one version, you make individual wedges with a triangle punch that you can elongate or stretch to the desired shape.  The other way, and the way I choose to do it, is to add a circle punch to your page, then add strips of rectangle punches crisscrossing your circle.  

Hope this helps make sense of it all.  Heather and Kimberly, the hostesses of the Facebook group have videos up too.  I rotated the rectangles using the rotate 90 degrees buttons and the rotate bar.
the rotate bar is great, sometimes its hard to grab and drag the smaller objects on your page, this tool is simple.
  here is the 90 degree rotate button, love that for the pie graph, easy.
 Thanks for stopping by today!!

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