Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun Stamp Find!

I recently bought the Take a Spin digital stamp set because I noticed the spinner hands were now just $0.79 on the Clearance rack and I had always thought they were fun.  Well, when I downloaded the set, it actually comes with over 40 stamps, not  the 4 that the real stamp set came with.  The digital set comes with the original pre-made spinner game card stamps, but then it also has all the elements used to make up those spinner cards.
Here is a picture to show what I mean.

here are just some of the included stamps!  Lots of good stamps for many occasions!  Graduation, Father's Day, and more!
I added the spinner game stamp to my blank page and used the coloring tool to add multiple colors to my stamp.  Then I copied and pasted them a few times.  I resized the images to fit the punch I wanted to use, then printed them out. 
Fun cards to have on hand!  I made 6 in just a short time!  I bought 3 packs of spinner hands, to be sure to have them for a long time! 
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