Monday, March 25, 2013

MDS Monday #10

Here is my project for the 10th MDSM Challenge!  And this time, I am not just playing along, I am part of the Design Team! Yea!  This challenge was brought to us by Joan.  It includes a Two-Page Sketch as well as a design element challenge.  You can do one or both of the pages, and try to include the design element of adding a floating Frame on one of your photos.  This draws attention to the photo, highlighting it.  I added a frame around Zachary's face as he looks at his cake.  He LOVED it, and I hope you can see that in his face.  I "stuck" the frame on with Digi tape and a digi clip, fun elements for a kid page.  I used the Celebrations kit for my page, also perfect for kid pages.  The kit comes with lots of
papers and fun labels and borders to use.  It also comes with the pennant stamp.  I colored the stamp by using the coloring tool, a fun new element in MDS.

The clips are item #132273  $1.95.  Super cute! There was even a bike shape!  The Balloons and that cute #3 candle are from the Patterned Party stamp brush set. #127430 $7.95

To color a stamp click on the stamp you want to color.  Then click on the "coloring tool" on the right side of your screen. This will open up the stamp image in a new box.

This is what the coloring box looks like.

There are great ways to make this easy.  You can click on the Zoom button to make the image larger, easier to color.  You can make the brush size larger or smaller to color large or small areas.   When you open the coloring box, you will see the standard Stampin' Up! coloring pallet, but don't worry, that's not all.  If you click on the square marked "Brush Color", you will get a bigger selection, including the "Picker" tool, which lets you pic colors straight from you photo or page.

Here you can see the box that appears when you click on the brush square.  The bar at the top has the picker tool, the RGB spectrum, and more.

I also cropped the pennant on my page.  You click on the stamp you want to crop, then this box will appear.  Drag the little drag squares to where you want them.  Then click "OK". 

The pennant stamps I used are included in the Celebrations kit! #123728 $9.95
The kit also comes with a two page 12 x 12 spread template, as well as two greeting card templates.
I hope you like today's page.  Why not give cropping and coloring some stamps a try?  If you do, send me a picture, I'd love to see it.  And, my fabulous MDS Customers- you know who you are -  upload some of your creations on the site. I would love to see what you are doing with MDS!!  And, if you upload there, send a link to the MDSM site to and do one of our challenges!
As always, contact me with any questions!  I am happy to help!!


  1. Welcome Beth! Love that kit... great idea to follow the 2nd page through with the flags.

  2. Welcome to the team, Beth! This is a fabulously fun page! Those banners are awesome and I love the fun shaped clips!

  3. Great page, Beth! Love the little clips you've added and how you banner flows into the second page.