Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow globe!

I saw a cute snow globe idea on the site and I decided to give it a try.  I have to admit that my page is somewhat plain.  I am a less is more sort of person, but it needs something.  I can't decide what else it needs so I am going to just leave it for a bit and get back to it later.  That is yet another great thing about digital scrapbooking.  I can open up my laptop and work on something without dragging out all my stamps and papers and cluttering up my dining room table.  And, I can close it up again when I'm done and go back to it later.  Love it! 
The bottom of the snow globe is actually the bottom of a cupcake punch, turned upside down.  One trick I learned for this page is altering a punch to make a new shape, like i did for the highlight on the side of the globe.  The shadow really helps to give the illusion of a sphere for the glass globe.  Here is how to do it. 
open your punches

Highlight the punch you want to edit, then click "Edit Shape" in the bottom left corner. 

You will now get a box that looks like this.  All the little boxes can be moved around to make a new shape.  Play around with this for a while to see all that it can do.  You can even insert more points so make even finer changes to your shape.
This is the shape I wanted.

Once you are done and click OK, you will get another small box to name your stamp.  Now it will be saved in your stamp folder and you can get it again whenever you want without having to re-make it.  Cool huh?  This shape is great for highlighting balloons or bubbles or whatever. 
I added color to match the background paper, then reduced the opacity to 30% so that it is just a shine on the glass.
The background paper I used is from the "Let it Snow" kit download. 
#132963 $9.95
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