Monday, September 24, 2012

The Pirate Ship Hotel!

Whenever we go to Iowa, we always stay at the Pirate Ship Hotel.  That is what the kids call it, its actually a Ramada.  The rooms are nice and the price isn't too bad, but best of all, it has four pools and a huge Pirate Ship.  It helps make the long car ride more enjoyable for the kids when they know that when they finally get there, they can play in the pools and go down the big slide.   This digital kit is just perfect for my pages!   It has everything you need for a pirate themed party, too.  Pennant makers, eye patches for the kids, invitations and more.  But if a pirate party is not in your future, the papers and stamps are fun too.   My title was made from the kits stamps, and kit comes with the pennant punch and corner embellishments too.  The skull and cross bones are also included, and much more. 
I made a two page spread so that my photo's could be larger.  This is page two.  What do you think?  I didn't put a whole lot on the page, very minimal and it came together in just a few minutes each page.  I am happy with the results and Zachary loves it, can't wait to get it back from the printer!

 The kit is $14.95 and includes 12 dsp papers, 12 piece stamp brush set, cupcake toppers, eye patches and a cute treasure chest print out that you print, cut out and assemble into a cute treasure chest to hold some candy party favors.  There are invitations, party pennants and more.  too fun!

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