Monday, July 6, 2015

CLean and Simple ~ sketch # 6

This is the plainest page I think I have ever made, but you know what? I still like it.  It is carefree like Jillian on the tire swing.  The sun had come out to warm up the early spring air and we headed over to the park.  There were not many people out yet but Jillian had fun anyway.  She played on that tire swing for quite a while and I had the impression that there was some sort of story brewing in her head.  You never know with Jillian, she has quite an imagination.  maybe she was a fairy fling through the air?  a unicorn? only she knows.

Here is the sketch.  You don't have to keep it as plain as I did.  Maybe add a colored background or more embellishments? or see what you think of a less is more approach on this one.

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