Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MDS Virtual Crop

 I participated in an MDS virtual Digi Crop yesterday.  Isn't this a fun sketch?  It was hard to find photos that would work in these thin horizontal photo boxes but I think these look really nice. This type of a page would make a really good photobook cover. 

The letters are made with punches and are color matched to the background.  One tip for this page...
When using the punches I needed to make them as tall as the photo-boxes, in my case 3 inches tall, this made them wide too and the word "water" would not fit.  In order to make them fit I needed to make the punches skinnier than they are, so I right clicked on the letter and got the edit box.  Click the bottom choice "edit object".  Then you will get the box show to the left.  Now you can make the punch whatever height and width you want.  Don't forget to uncheck the "keep proportions" box or as you make them skinnier you will all so make them shorter.

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I know many of you have heard the MDS news and I have not yet decide what I will do with this blog after May 31st but I hope to get a lot of pages done in the mean time to take advantage of printing from Stampin' Up! while I can.   join me on Facebook if you would like to still get some digital inspiration after May 31st, you can click on the facebook button at the top left of this blog.

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