Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Willis Tower

Last weekend we took a family trip to the Willis Tower in Downtown Chicago.  Many of you know this as the Sears Tower.  I am having a hard time calling it the Willis Tower, since I've lived near it all my life and change is hard :)  My sister had a bunch of tickets to the sky deck and ended up not being able to use them, so we let the boys each invite a friend and off we went.  It was a great time, there was no one there!!  Well, there were a hand full of people there but we could walk up to the windows or telescopes with out waiting or getting in anyone's way, and there was no wait for the Ledge at all!  If you are not familiar with the ledge it is a glass box that dangles out over Chicago 1,353 up in the air on the 103rd floor!   The walls and the FLOOR are all glass!!  I was scared for sure, but put on a brave face for the kids.  My kids all went on with out any problem, My oldest actually started jumping up and down on the ledge to show how sturdy it was.  You can see our little friend Ben is holding onto me for dear life.  He was terrified, but I wanted him in the picture, so I scooped him up, they snapped the picture and I placed him safely back onto the Non-Glass floor area.  Bravest of all was my son David's friend Matthew who walked straight in, leaned on the glass to look down as far as he could.  I have to admit that I did not go all the way in, and luckily I had little Ben as my excuse for needing to stay near the entrance!
This is a two page spread.  I used the new download "Nobody's Business" This download is full of fun elements.  Frames and digi tape and splatters and bright colors, fun hexagons and cute page layouts.   

Here is page two.  
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