Saturday, December 15, 2012

two page spread

The other day, (too long ago I know!) I posted a Christmas page for a Challenge at MDS Monday.  Well, I wanted to add a matching page because I had a few more pictures that I wanted to add.  The quickest way to do that is to Insert a duplicate page.  There is a little button on the top tool bar, look for "insert" and then you will get a drop down menu with a few choices.  For my project I chose the "insert duplicate page mirrored".    Then I delete the photos and add  different ones.  Easy!  I, I know my lines will match up.  The only tweaking I needed to do was flip my papers because they had words on them, notice the fa la la?  Well, they looked like al al aF :)   also the red has a bit of  HO HO that read OH OH.  So, I clicked on the papers and hit the flip button.  Done! 

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