Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Christmas page

Today's page shows the kids decorating for Christmas.  Last year I did it all while they were at school as a surprise, and it ended up that the surprise was on me as they were a bit upset that it wasn't a group effort.  So, this year I let them do it all.  David was happy to do the lights and place the star.  Jillian and Zachary did the ornaments, which means that the bottom half of the tree has a lot more ornaments than the top half :)  I've decided that I need to let that go and let them be proud of their tree. 
This page was also designed by Heather Summers, it was so cute I left it almost completely the same as hers. 
My hint for you if you end up using the stocking punch, make the whole thing in the size it comes up on the screen, put it all together, then group it all.  After you have it all grouped, then you can go ahead and resize it and turn it and put it where you want it.  It's harder to line up if  you resize it before you've put the toes and heels and top on.

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