Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Blog Just for MDS!!

Can you tell I just love MDS?  I use it so much and just love it more each day, that I decided to make a blog that is just for digital projects! And, now that MDS2 is almost out, I am sure I will use it even more (if that's possible).   Is it August yet?  August 1st is release day for MDS2!!
This is the first project I ever made in MDS, so I thought it was fitting for my first digital cuts post.
This is the cover for a photo book I made for my Grandmother this past Christmas.  She really loved it.  I ended up printing 3 of the books because I thought my mom would like one too, and then I wanted one for myself.  So nice that it was digital and I didn't have to make three individually like a traditional scrapbook, I just ordered 3!  I loved the was they turned out.  The binding was great, the inside pages were very nice.  This cover was a pre-made template that come with the Vintage Vogue stamp brush set.  I used it as a starting point for the rest of the pages.

There are many more pages but you get the idea.  One of the great things about digital scrapbooking is that you don't have to cut apart your treasured family photos.  Some of these photos were so delicate and some were tiny or huge, and by scanning then I am able to manipulate then to fit my needs.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photo book.  Contact me if you would like to learn more about My Digital Studio.

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