Thursday, June 27, 2013

Comic Notebook

I love the journals that you can print from Stampin' Up!  I have printed quite a few of these.  They are fun for baby gifts for new moms, journals for kids, and nice for me to keep track of all the things the kids are up to and the funny things they say.  A while back I made a journal for my oldest son David.  I scanned one of his comic drawings and used it on the cover.  I love to see him using it and he often gives the book to me to read some of his stories.  My younger son Zachary has really come a long way with his reading this year, and he recently asked for a book of his own.  I love this because it really helps to reinforce the reading and writing that he learned during the school year.  He wanted to design the cover with a computer drawing he made of a "creeper" from the game "minecraft."   I wasn't too thrilled with this as its a very basic and odd picture and he has some much cuter stuff, but hey, its his book right.  The book arrived yesterday and he jumped up and down with happiness!  He wants to make comics just like his brother! He started writing in it right away.

He even brought it with on our outing today and used it while waiting for his food to arrive at dinner.
I just love all the personalized gifts you can make with My Digital Studio.  I can't wait to see what my son has filled his book with in a few weeks!!
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